What is the BodyTalk System

The BodyTalk System is an energy healing system which is safe, holistic and non-invasive.

It supports the body in balancing its systems at all levels of body, mind, consciousness and sub-consciousness, promoting well-being and health. 


BodyTalk has a positive effect on:


  • self development, personal growth
  • speed up recovery when ill or after (sports) injuries
  • stress
  • depression, anxiety and emotional challenges 
  • chronic sleep disorders and fatigue 


  • chronic pain, headaches, back pain
  • digestion
  • hormonal disorders 


  • strengthening the immunesystem
  • viral and bacterial infections
  • overall performance: work, school, sports
  • support and speed up physical therapy and psycho therapy





    The BodyTalk System is a dynamic method developed in the 1990's by the chiropractor Dr John Veltheim. 

    Born in Australia, he is also an acupuncturist, Reiki master, philosopher and studied also Theology, Applied Kinesiology and Osteopathy. Veltheim’s method combines elements of traditional Chinese and Western medicine as well as concepts of complementary medicine and scientific fields such as bioenergetic psychology and modern quantum physics. Veltheim led the College of Acupuncture and Natural Therapies in Brisbane for five years before moving to Florida in 1998. 


    Today, John Veltheim continues to develop his method and integrates current scientific findings and techniques. 

    "Sing your own Song"

    How does BodyTalk work


    Every human being has the ability to activate his or her self-regulating powers. For example, when we cut a finger, internal mechanisms in our body automatically start to close the wound within a few minutes. This process does not just have a physical component, but also has emotional and mental components which we draw on to activate our resilience. 


    However, there are definitely times when we lack the capacity to do this. This may be because we are in a stressful situation. Or because we have used up our resources as a consequence of taking on too much in everyday life. Hence, our lifestyle, demands from others, or constant mobile accessibility can overtax us and throw our systems out of balance. 


    It's all a question of communication 

    Our body is constantly working on synchronising internal processes and coordinating them for optimal health. However, if this synchronisation is compromised, the systems can no longer communicate with each other adequately. They become unbalanced and trigger symptoms, or even diseases. 


    When we are in pain, it is our body that is communicating with us. This is BodyTalk. Whether it is a lump in the throat, anger in the stomach, or a broken heart, our body lets us know that something is wrong. 


    The BodyTalk System uses this knowledge and restores the connection between the physical parts and the physiological processes of the body. In doing so, fears, patterns of belief, and emotionally charged experiences in the subconscious/conscious mind are addressed — with the aim of re-stimulating and sustainably re-establishing the body's innate self-regulating ability.