Ayurvedic massage

With its origin in India where massages were done already thousands of years ago.

To detoxing and relaxing and bringing the body, mind and spirit in a better balance.

The use of warm oil during the massage is an intense relaxating experience.

It is a whole body massage including hands, feet, head and face.

There is made use of sesam oil, almond oil or coconut oil; natural beneficial oils nurturing the body and strengthening the nervesystem. 

     An Ayurvedic massage:

  • improves the immunesystem
  • activates the lymph-and bloodcirculation
  • balances the nervesystem
  • relieves stress
  • helps against fatigue and imsomnia
  • reduces fysical inconveniences; back- and neckpain, RSI, whiplash, burn-out, ..
  • helps with digestion issues
  • is good for everybody

"Ayurveda", which means "The Knowledge of Life", is the holistic thousands of years old phylosophy with its roots in ancient India.

A way of life which strives for balance in body, mind and spirit and everything around us, by using the right food, herbs and spices, yoga and massage.

For a vital, healthy and happy long life.