The Nightingale

 BodyTalk Practitioner

 "Sing your own Song" 

The Bodytalk System is a gentle way to track down built up stress and discomfort, and helps release it on all levels: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.                     

Besides BodyTalk I am immersing myself in the Ayurvedic philosopy of life, with its roots in ancient India, thousands of years ago. Nutricion, herbs, yoga and massage are the 4 main pillars.

An Ayurvedic massage is aimed at deep relaxation and getting rid off of stress and toxins.

The massage is recommended by itself but is also a perfect support before or after a BodyTalk session.   


In your lifetime, you experience thousands of impressions.  

You learn how to adapt to your surroundings and to the expectations of others. You copy certain beliefs and behaviours to belong to a family, or a group. Later on in life, this can appear as a strain, from which physical or mental complaints may arise.                                           

Barbera Nagtegaal

Certified BodyTalk Practitioner



10 years ago I came across BodyTalk. After only 3 sessions, I became so enthusiastic about the results, that I decided to become a Bodytalker myself. 


Bodytalk helped me get rid of a very unpleasant chronic achilles tendinitis

AND I started doing what I had longed for: I started to sing in a classical choir, and I enrolled myself in the music academy to learn to play the flute. 

The best hobbies I can imagine!


Hence, 'Sing your own song'.  


Meanwhile I've attended all the modules but also other courses which integrate easily in the BodyTalk protocol.  

My approach is to gain a broad spectrum of tools and knowledge and to train my intuitive skills, with which I can help unravel the hidden story within the client, with a broad holistic view 


By doing so, stress can be released, blockages are de-cluttered, and natural self healing can be activated. 


An improved balance between body and mind. 

A sense of wellbeing. 


Would you like to know what your body has to tell you? 

Make an appointment. Take the step to (re)discover your authentic self. 

To sing your own song like a nightingale, free as a bird...