In your lifetime, you experience thousands of impressions.  

You learn how to adapt to your surroundings and to the expectations of others. You copy certain beliefs and behaviours to belong to a family, or a group. Later on in life, this can appear as a strain, from which physical or mental complaints may arise.                                           

The Bodytalk System is a gentle way to track down built up stress and discomfort, and helps release it on all levels: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.                     

Besides BodyTalk I am immersing myself in the Ayurvedic philosopy of life, with its roots in ancient India, thousands of years ago. Nutricion, herbs, yoga and massage are the 4 main pillars.

An Ayurvedic massage is aimed at deep relaxation and getting rid off of stress and toxins.

The massage is recommended by itself but is also a perfect support before or after a BodyTalk session.